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Welcome to High School at CCA! The school you choose for your child is a big decision, so we are thrilled you are exploring how CCA might fit for you and your family! 

We hope you conclude our school in practice is what our name reflects – Classical, Christian, and Academic. Working with the natural bent of our 9th-12th grade students, we apply Classical pedagogy in the classroom in several ways. Rhetoric-stage learners are naturally interested in how they are perceived by others and desire to be articulate, persuasive, and winsome. Working with that natural bent, we aim to help our students communicate well.  They will engage in various classroom discussions of literature, language, grammar, and history; they will explore the world God made through science; and they will develop more complex problem-solving skills in mathematics. Frequent opportunities for class presentation along with a study of Rhetoric (effective, persuasive argumentation) develop and refine our students’ communication skills. In each classroom, the consistent foundation for learning is a biblical worldview as teachers instruct with the understanding that all knowledge is God’s knowledge. Finally, we are an academy. An institution of education and learning. We want nothing more than to see our students flourishing in their knowledge of the Lord and in scholarly learning as well. 

Parents of rhetoric-stage learners can expect to be resources, guides, and academic coaches for their student. You will spend time with your student on Tuesday and Thursday guiding your student to find answers for his/her questions, reviewing already learned material, and providing accountability for complete and excellent work. Your partnership with us requires a hands-on commitment, but we have every confidence you will be blessed in that commitment. Afterall, it is a high call and a high privilege to be responsible for shaping and teaching our children for the sake of Christ. We hope you will consider CCA as your partner to that end! 

Joyfully His, 

Christi Cecil 

Assistant Principal 


What you can expect in 9th - 12th grade.



Classical educators celebrate the fact that we are whole beings, made in God’s image. While academics are the bulk of our time with students, we delight in nurturing not just their minds, but their whole person. At CCA, we present faithful, sound Bible instruction in monthly Chapel meetings. We choose Christian curriculum when possible and relish the opportunity to discuss scripture in all of our studies. It is our prayer that gospel seeds are deeply rooted in the heart of each and every CCA student!


Core courses include Math, English, Science and Social Science. Each CCA student is tested and placed in on-level math and language arts classes. All core courses are offered at an optional, weighted, honors level. Honors-level courses incorporate additional work and a deeper exploration of topics. We offer the following courses, some on a rotation of A and B years:

MATH: Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Geometry and Math for College Readiness


SCIENCE: Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

SOCIAL SCIENCE: World History, American History, Government, Economics



Academic electives are included in each year of high school. This means our students graduate with more than the required credit hours in math, science and social science. This creates a transcript that is appealing to colleges and universities.  These courses rotate between A and B years. They include:
Biblical Worldview, Logic, Psychology, Humanities/Art History, and Cultural Geography.


Classical Christian Academy offers students the opportunity to study Spanish in high school. We provide instruction in Spanish I and II. Often students use our flexible schedule to add a third year on their own time, or even explore another language altogether.



CCA students are preparing for the future. We continue to explore biblical teaching and provide classes that ensure all students are prepared for their lives outside of high school. All CCA students take these courses. They are considered electives only because the state of Florida doesn't recognize them as being in one of the four core subjects. Our electives include:

  • Health

  • Physical Education

  • Old Testament Survey

  • New Testament Survey

  • Test Prep

  • Personal Finance

  • Computer applications for College Success

  • Rhetoric

In addition, the student schedule allows for select personal-choice electives. ​These include opportunities to explore the arts, athletics, and more. These classes change every semester and vary each year.


The flexibility of CCA's schedule leaves plenty of time for students to pursue areas of personal interest. While our course load is complete - and rigorous, students may choose to earn additional credit for work completed outside of the demands of CCA's program. This could range from credit for music lessons, team practices, online classes, and much more. Students must work with our Guidance Counselor to address these special situations.



In addition to honors-level courses, motivated junior and senior students have the opportunity to take dual enrollment classes. These are offered through Florida SouthWestern State College (FSW) and Baptist College of Florida. CLEP options are another great avenue for completing early college credits. We strongly encourage our students to utilize Modern States for free CLEP preparation and testing. Our Guidance Counselor is ready to work with students who wish to pursue these opportunities.


NHS is a nationwide organization for high school students. CCA launched its chapter in 2022. Selection is based on four criteria: scholarship, leadership, service and character.

Learn about NHS at CCA.


What is your next step?

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