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Classical Christian Academy is an innovative Kinder-Prep - 12th grade, hybrid school. We are private, fully accredited, and independent.

We Are Classical

The Classical approach to teaching systematically uses the natural development of the child's mind to introduce information, teach them to think through and critically examine information, and express themselves and their own unique ideas. 

We Are Hybrid

With our blended model of classroom and home instruction, we provide a unique partnership between parent, student, and teacher. All students are on campus M/W/F and learn at home on Tu/Th. Lower School (PreK-6th) students are on-campus full day. Upper School students (7th-12th) may choose our full-day Hybrid Program, or select specific courses and services as part of our Flex Program.

We Are Christian

We believe Christ should have His rightful place at the center of all we do. CCA is a covenant school. We represent different denominations, but are like-minded in terms of our Christian beliefs and application of biblical truth as it relates to marriage, family, child-rearing, and educational methods and goals.

We Are A Covenant Community

CCA is a covenant school. This means that at least one parent from each family must be a professed believer in Jesus Christ, and each family must be actively involved in a local church. Each family also agrees and supports CCA’s Statement of Faith. The decisions we make as a community are based on the spiritual and philosophical congruity represented in our faith, our families, and our educational choices.

For over 20 years, students have come to Classical Christian Academy from all over Southwest Florida. We serve families in Lee, Charlotte, and Hendry counties.

You're Invited!

  • On-Campus Tours
    On-Campus Tours
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    Classical Christian Academy
    Choose A Date
    Classical Christian Academy, 7101 Bayshore Rd, North Fort Myers, FL 33917, USA
    Choose A Date
    Classical Christian Academy, 7101 Bayshore Rd, North Fort Myers, FL 33917, USA
    Are you looking for a school option? We have a place for you! Come and see why you belong at CCA!


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