We believe the most effective way to create both an academically challenging and Christ-centered school is through the method known as the classical approach to education. This approach systematically uses the natural development of the child's mind to introduce information, teach them to think through and critically examine information, and express themselves and their own unique ideas. 

- Explore the phases of Classical Education: PrePoly, Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric - 

We also believe Christ should have his rightful place at the center of all we do. Classical Christian Academy is a covenant school. This means we are a community of parents, students and teachers who are not only like-minded in terms of their Christian beliefs, but in their common interests, desires and application of biblical truth as it relates to marriage, family, child-rearing, and educational methods and goals.

- Read our Statement of Faith and our Concept of a Covenant Community.

With our blended model of classroom and home instruction, we provide a unique partnership between parent and teacher. The Hybrid program is our most comprehensive program, but we offer many options for partnership.

- Compare our Hybrid, Connections and Guest Student programs.


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