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It is the philosophy of CCA Athletics to provide a quality sports program in a Christian context.

Our goal is to offer experiences that develop the young person physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We believe that our abilities are a gift of God and that we are obligated to use them to the best of our abilities. CCA Athletics is valued as an integral part of a child’s overall development and education.

Our goal is to win, but we understand that winning is an outcome that is not completely under our control. We believe that athletics must teach positive values, build self-confidence, and promote respect for others. We stress that good sportsmanship, individual development, and team unity supersede winning. Winning without honor, integrity or Christ-likeness is not truly winning.

The individual goals of an athlete or coach will not take precedence over the goals of a team. Likewise, the goals of a team or a specific sports program will not take precedence over the goals of the overall athletic program.

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Classical Christian Academy offers students the following team sports:

Winter: Basketball
Spring: Soccer


6th-8th Grade 

Fall: Volleyball (girls), Basketball

Spring: Soccer

Athletics: Student Life


CCA high school students have the option to try out for a public high school team, play for the Lee County Home School teams, or participate in one of the many recreational and competitive options offered in our community. One of the reasons we do not offer team sports for high school is to keep this option open for our students.

Flex students who are guests at the CCA (even in they take a full-load of classes here), may be eligible to try out for any team - including those at public schools, the Lee County Homeschool team AND at other private schools. This is up to the other schools, but is a benefit of being a guest student in our Flex program. 

Please see other options available to CCA student athletes. 

Athletics: Student Life


Classical Christian Academy is part of the Gulf Coast Athletic Conference sports association. The GCAC began in 2001.

We compete against the following schools in this league:

  • Cape Coral Christian School

  • Crestwell School

  • Fort Myers Christian School

  • De LaSalle Academy

  • Good Shepherd Lutheran School

  • Gunnery Road Christian Academy

  • Lee County Homeschool

  • Summit Christian School

Athletics: Student Life
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