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7th and 8th grade students in our Flex Program may choose the courses they take at CCA. They may take classes on campus or join a class via Zoom.

2021-2022 Schedule


If you didn't catch these helpful videos on our social media pages, be sure to check them out here: 
House System
Uniforms (make one)

2021-2022 Schedule


9th - 12th grade students in our Flex Program may choose the courses they take at CCA. They may take classes on campus, or join a class via Zoom.

Students take on-level math and language arts courses. Other classes may be offered on a rotation in order to meet graduation requirements.

2021-2022 Schedule


There are some important dates to know. These will help you prepare to join us next fall and to get acclimated to our fun and unique culture.​

  • MAY: The Curriculum & Supply Lists are updated for the next school year. Look for the Reading Lists on this page, too. (Upper School students have required books and all students can earn dress-down passes for reading over the summer months!)

  • MID JULY: Look for an email with a link to choose and sign up for 1st-12th grade electives. Classes fill up quickly, so please watch out for this message. Kinder-Prep and Kindergarten students have electives integrated as part of their day, so there are no elective choices for either of these student groups. (UPDATE: This link was posted and closed 7/25. New students joining after this date should talk to an assistant principal about electives.)

  • MID JULY: Look for an email to sign up for your Parent Partner days. You will serve 4 Parent Partner days: one each quarter. The earlier you sign up, the better choice of days you’ll have! Families with students on campus for 1/2 day will serve 1/2 of a Parent Partner Day. Kinder-Prep families do not have Parent Partner responsibilities.

  • AUGUST 1: Our e-newsletter is sent out to all families and supporters. If you don’t see this, let your mentor know and we’ll make sure we have your email right in the system.

  • AUGUST 7: Parent Orientation. This is an on-campus training day for parents only.

  • AUGUST 9: Open House. Bring the kids to meet their teachers and classmates.

  • AUGUST 11: The first day of school!


Welcome to Classical Christian Academy! You’ve completed the enrollment process and are officially Mavericks! We’re so excited to get to partner with your family. 

I'll update this page for you throughout the year. If you ever have questions, please reach out to me at


Cindy Ward
Development Director



Every year we learn of families who would love to provide their children with the opportunities offered at Classical Christian Academy but are unable to meet the financial commitments of a private, Christian education. Find the scholarship that most interests you and help bless a CCA family. We’ll gladly include your name or business name as a sponsor on our website, newsletter and other promotional materials.

CCA Scholarships include: 

  • General scholarships

  • Enrichment scholarships (field trips, athletics and music & arts)

  • Maverick scholarships

  • Opportunity scholarships

  • Named scholarships (after your business or loved one)



Taylor graduated in 2019 from FGCU with a degree in Integrated Studies. She is a Real Estate Advisor in Naples. Check out Taylor's website here.  


List of Recommended Summer Reading (Or any time)

We especially recommend reading a book on Classical, Christian Education if you have never read one. All books except for the Purity and Dating section are meant for parents only. Of course, you know your children best-we would highly recommend reading any book before having your child read it. This will also help encourage discussion.

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