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Doing Homework



I hope you’ve enjoyed your summer and are eager to join us at CCA this fall. I know I’m excited to see you around campus and to get to know your family. There are several important dates coming up and I wanted to give you a little information about what to expect at each event. 

Thursday, August 5, 4-8 pm. – Culver's School Spirit Night

We all win with a night out! Join us at Culver's (309 SW Pine Island Road, Cape Coral) for a spirit night. You get a great meal and time with new friends. Your house gets points for everyone who participates. CCA gets donations from the restaurant whenever our school is mentioned at the register. Win-Win-Win!

Saturday, August 7, 8:30 am 2 pm

Please check your emails for the schedule. (An email was sent from Jupiter on Monday, July 26.) This is meant to help you get your feet wet. But, be prepared: it might feel more like a dunk tank. You’re going to get a ton of information. Bring a paper and pencil. Bring your student's books and your teacher's manuals. Some teachers will want you to put post-it tabs or notes in the books and it will be helpful to have them available. (You can leave some in your car or borrow your student's crate if it's easier!)

Please also carve out a time to meet with your mentor face-to-face. With kids in different grades, everyone has a different schedule. So be sure to plan a time to meet!

Monday, August 9, 4-5 pm – Welcome Back Night

This night is for your whole family. The teachers will have their rooms set up and will be ready to welcome your student to class. We’ll meet in the chapel and then break out into each class. This is a chance for your student to get acquainted with the layout of the building and meet some new friends. (No uniforms required for this event, but please do dress respectfully: modest cuts and clean graphics.)

Wednesday, August 11 – First Day of School

Remember to take a quick picture of your student with his/her “First Day of School” sign. Then post it and tag #discovercca !

  • Upper school (6th-12th grade) starts at 8:30 am. 

  • Lower school (KinderPrep – 5th grade) starts at 9 am.

Please drop off your student 15 minutes before their school starts. Younger siblings are welcome to come at the same time as older, Upper School students. They can visit and play games in the cafeteria with their friends before school starts.  

Thursday, August 12 – First Day of Homeschool

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin (famous homeschooled student)

Get ready, teacher! At a minimum, print a copy of the lesson plans (your teacher might have given you a set on Saturday) and look over what you’re expected to do. Some people make a checklist for the day. Some people use the lesson plan itself and cross off or highlight when something is finished by the student and checked by the parent. Some people circle upcoming tests and quizzes to draw attention to them even if they don't happen on a Tuesday or Thursday. Some people work from top-down through the lesson plan. Some people follow their student’s normal daily schedule (Bible, Math, English, etc…).  Some people follow a tight schedule with their own order of classwork (maybe challenging work first, or alternating between harder and easier). Some people do some work the night before. Some people listen to CD chants in the car, but do the work at home.

Everyone is different – both you and your student(s). So, you need to do what feels right for your family. Then, be ready to ditch your plan and try something new next Tuesday… and again next Thursday. It can take a while to figure out what works. I encourage you to be thoughtful, reflective, and flexible!

Always reach out to a mentor, teacher, myself or administrator if you have questions, or problems. We’re here for you!

Happy partnering, 


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