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Parent Partner Policy

Family Engagement Coordinator (FEC) Melissa Hemmer: Or text her at 732-778-4463.

Our parent partner program is essential to the success of our school. The Parent Partner Guidelines can be found on our website and should be viewed by families. Due to the size of our school, it is our goal to have at least one parent partner in the school each day.


What is my responsibility?

Serve a minimum of 7 hours a day- 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. Serve a minimum of 5 hours at History Day, plus help your House prepare and set-up booths. The maximum number of days for new families is four(4) days a year, plus History Day. Returning families will serve three (3) days a year, plus History Day. The number of days is evaluated annually and is subject to change every school year.


How am I scheduled?

Every semester a link will be sent for you to sign up for your parent partner day. If you do not sign-up by the deadline, the Family Engagement Coordinator will assign your day. It is your responsibility to check the calendar and know your date.


What do Parent Partners do?

Teachers have a daily schedule for parents, so their time is well spent. Most of your day will be spent supervising recess and lunch, proctoring a math test, or making copies for the teachers. You will have an opportunity to be in your child’s classroom. These are all just examples of the types of things you will be doing while serving your parent partner day. The biggest benefit to your family is the opportunity you will have to learn more about your child’s teacher and friends.


I can’t serve my day, what do I do? Am I required to find someone to switch days with me?

You are required to try to switch days with someone if you cannot serve on your assigned day. However, if you can’t find someone to switch days with you, you need to contact the FEC and you WILL be billed, rescheduled and we will hire a replacement- the first time. The 2nd time, you need the FEC to hire a replacement, you will be billed, rescheduled, and given an additional Parent Partner Day to serve. The 3rd time you need the FEC to hire a replacement, you will be required to meet with an administrator to determine a course of action. You must notify the Family Engagement Coordinator (FEC) of any switched days or if you cannot serve your day. We ask for at least two weeks notice to hire a replacement. Parents are billed the number of missed hours x current minimum wage hourly rate. For instance: You couldn’t find someone to switch with you and you missed a full Parent Partner Day. You will be billed 7 hours x minimum wage hourly rate. Please see What happens if I don’t show up?


How do I switch days?

We recommend you use the Student List, that is found in Jupiter ED, and begin calling/texting parents and ask them if they can switch a day with you. You can also post in the Facebook CCA Community Page. Please notify the FEC if you switch days will another parent. Please refer to I can’t serve my day, what do I do? Am I required to find someone to switch days with me?


What happens if I can’t serve because of illness or an emergency at the last minute?

If a family must miss their scheduled parent partner day at the last minute due to illness or other extreme family situation and there is not time to switch days with another family, the family will be reassigned their parent partner day by the FEC. Parents cannot opt to just be fined in lieu of serving. The Administration will determine if your situation qualifies. If this happens more than once, the Administration may request a meeting to discuss your situation. Please TEXT the FEC that you cannot make your day. See her number at the top of this document.


What happens if I don’t show up?

Families that do not do not show up to serve for their Parent Partner Day or History Day will be given an Infraction, fined $100.00 and required to make up the day. If the make-up day or any additional days are missed, the family will receive a 2nd infraction, placed on Probation, fined an additional $125, and required to meet with an Administrator regarding the situation. If after the 2nd infraction, the situation has not been reconciled, a 3rd infraction will be given and may be referred to the Board for Discretionary Dismissal. Parents cannot opt to just be fined in lieu of serving.


What should I wear and what about cell phones?

We ask that you dress appropriately for the activities you may be required to do (i.e. bending, stooping, sitting, etc...). Parents are also asked while parent partnering to keep their cell phones on vibrate and return phone calls only during their breaks. It is imperative that parents observe this request, as parents can distract students and/or they become distracted while they are supposed to be watching students.


What is expected of me on History Day Prep and History Day?

It is expected that every family actively work on their assigned History Day booth and help set-up for and help on History Day. In addition to helping with their assigned booth, a minimum of 5 hours must be served between set-up the day before and the day of the event. Parents that do not help with their assigned booth will be addressed by the Principal, subject to a fine and it could jeopardize future enrollment. This is a huge event and cannot happen without the help of our entire community.


I didn’t serve all day, what happens?

If you do not serve a full day, and the time is not made up, you will be fined $10 for each hour not served. As an example: You didn’t serve 3 required hours. You would be fined $30 for the missed hours.


What are Parent Partner Subs and how much are they paid?

Parent Partner subs are called when a parent is unable to find a replacement, does not show up or can’t serve at the last minute. Parent Partner subs receive hourly minimum wage for serving the entire day. Please notify the Family Engagement Coordinator.


Exceptions will be made only for extreme illness or a death in the family. Failure to complete hours and fulfill this commitment will jeopardize future enrollment. We urge any family with questions or any situation that may require special consideration to contact an Administrator.


Updated July 2024

After reading the policy above, click the button to sign up for your first semester parent partner commitments.

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