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As of 6/9/23

Ways to earn participation points (examples):

  • CCA-sponsored Community Service

  • CCA-sponsored Fellowship Event

  • CCA sponsored Field Trips

  • Maverick Games Participation (winner gets extra points!)

  • CCA Spirit Days

  • CCA Parent Meeting Nights

 There are additional opportunities to earn points for your House.

How to determine point value with Community Service and Fellowship Events?

Community Service: Examples: collection for a charity or go to a charity and serve

  • If you are collecting donations, each student must provide an item to be counted. The money spent on an item has no bearing. If the project includes monetary donations, points should only be given for participation and not the amount given. For instance: Johnny and Susie are in the same family. They each donate $5 for a project. They get 1 point each. Points are earned by students and staff only.

  • If it’s a “serve-type event,” then every student, parent, and teacher earns 1 point for their participation.

Fellowship Event & Field Trips: Examples: Defy Night, US Fall Party, Maverick Games

  • Each staff, student, and parent in attendance earns a point for their House.

  • Maverick games. The Winning House receives 25 points (2nd-15,3rd-10)

Spirit Days: Examples: House Colors Day

  • Each staff and student in attendance earns a point for their House.

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