CCA's House System provides our students and families with opportunities for fellowship, leadership, and service. This system also fosters a deeper sense of school unity while nurturing relationships among students of different ages and improves our sense of belonging to a community.



Each house is named after a missionary who changed the world by sharing the love of Jesus.
Learn about the inspiring lives of these special men and women.





Eric Liddell

Amy Carmichael

Gladys Aylward

Jim Elliot

Eric Liddell was a Scottish Olympic Gold Medalist runner, rugby union international player, and Christian missionary to China.

Amy Carmichael was a Christian missionary in India, who opened an orphanage and founded a mission in Dohnavur. She served in India for 55 years without furlough and wrote many books about the missionary work there.

Gladys Aylward was a British-born evangelical Christian missionary to China, whose story was told in the book The Small Woman, by Alan Burgess, published in 1957, and made into the film The Inn of the Sixth Happiness, starring Ingrid Bergman, in 1958.

(October 8, 1927 – January 8, 1956) Elliot was was an evangelical Christian from Portland, Oregon. He was one of five missionaries killed while participating in Operation Auca, which was an attempt to evangelize the Huaorani people of Ecuador.


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