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Hello! My name is Cindy Ward, I’m the Development Director at CCA. (That's my family up above.) Part of my job is to make sure incoming families feel welcomed, informed, and part of the community here.

I have three kids who will attend CCA this fall: two sons in 11th, 9th, and a daughter in 1st grade. Our oldest graduated last year and is off to college this fall! 22-23 will be our tenth year at CCA – and plan to be here another thirteen!

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to me. I may not know the answer, but I will respond, and we’ll learn together. I want to make some other introductions:


Every new family is assigned a mentor. Over the last 15+ years, we’ve learned mentors help our new families adjust quicker, feel more confident on homeschool days, and more comfortable communicating when (notice I didn’t say “if”) there are bumps. 

Mentors are assigned during the summer months. If it’s August and you don’t know who your mentor is, please reach out.


(Ghostbusters! Am I aging myself? LOL) Here at CCA, we are partners in education. Sometimes it is hard to know whom to go to with concerns. I'm always here. But, you can consider reaching out to these people in your school family, too: 

  • Contact your mentor: questions about overall school methods, expectations, events, wondering whom to talk to, homeschool hacks, just need an ear, etc.

  • Contact your teacher: questions about the subject material, lesson plans, classroom experience, grades, etc.

  • Contact your administrator: for any concern you still have after communicating with your mentor or teacher, homeschool struggles with teaching, behavior problems,

  • Contact the business office (ask for Jennifer Loerzel): for payment or enrollment questions

  • Contact the front desk (ask for Laura Lott): tardy or absent notices, donations, turn in school-wide collections (tshirt orders, box tops, etc.), lunch order questions

We certainly hope you’re finding CCA to be a wonderful place for your family. We're excited to have your student - and family - join our school community.

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