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Home Education Days happen throughout the school year. Home Education Days are counted as a school day toward the total number of hours we’re required to teach by the state of Florida. So, there are some expectations, but they are a bit relaxed. 

According to the State of Florida, a school day counts as a minimum of three hours of educational work. 


Parents have a choice to make: 1: take an absence, or 2: complete a Home Education Day. (Keep in mind your student’s attendance record. Check the Handbook to see the rules.) All lower school students will typically have a Bible assignment, but that is the only subject with lesson plans provided by the teachers. 

To share with us what you did, you will complete a Home Education Day form and return it on the NEXT at-school day – no exceptions! The form has some ideas, but as long as you complete three hours of educational lessons, you have a lot of freedom to choose what you do. If your student completes a project, they do not have to bring it into school. The only thing required as proof of completion, which is how we track attendance, is the completed form with your signature. 


Upper School students will have lesson plans provided by their teachers for their core subjects: math, English, science and history. There will not be lessons for other courses. These lessons need to be completed and will be checked on the next on-campus school day. If lesson plans are provided, they are expected to be completed, and completion indicates attendance. In this instance, no Home Education form is needed.


Veteran's Day is one of our Home Education Days. For Veteran’s Day ideas, you could visit a veteran's museum or parade, take a veteran you know to lunch and ask about their service, watch a YouTube video of anything related to military service, and/or make cards to send overseas to our service men and women for the holidays. What you choose doesn’t have to be related to Veteran’s Day!


When CCA schedules a Field Trip, you are required to attend. *IF* one or more of the following three things are true, you may opt out of attending and choose to do a Home Education day instead.

  • The field trip is more than an hour away

  • The field trip is on an “on-campus school day” (M/W/F)

  • The field trip cost is more than $25 per person. 

These details and more are in the Handbook

If a field trip is planned, Lower School students may have Bible lesson plans, but no other plans will be provided. So, all Lower and Upper School students need to complete and turn in a Home Education Form. 

Enjoy this day and the opportunity to have a little extra time together!

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