Soon, we will gather for our next Parent Meeting. One of the things that will come up in your House Meeting time on this night is the planning of History Day. History Day is a HUGE event at CCA. Here’s some information that will help you as we work together to plan the event. 


Thursday, February 17: Mandatory Set up. Plan to spend noon – 4 pm working in our gymnasium to set up all of the booths. *IF students come, they must be attended to at all times. CCA doesn’t have the ability to supervise them on this day.

Friday, February 18: Drop off like normal. Students will walk around each booth with their classes while parents serve.We’ll eat lunch together. Students will have some recess time while parents break down and clean up the gymnasium. There are no classes or electives on History Day.


This year, our lower school students are learning about modern history, so that will be our History Day time period, too.


Everyone dresses in period costumes. Look for after-Halloween deals, or plan to make your own.

Students may choose any outfit that appeals to them (and meets dress code).

Parents should plan to dress in the time or period of the booth where you'll serve.


Each house is responsible for three booths. Here are the years. More information will be shared at the parent meeting.

Morris: 1910, 1920, 1930

Muller: 1940, 1950, 1960

Ten Boom: 1970, 1980, 1990 


We use decorated canopy tents or similar size-structures for each booth. They are set up around the perimeter of the gymnasium. The students start at one booth and rotate through them as a class throughout the day. 

The activities of each booth should:

  • Provide a short lesson or explanation of something relating to your booth. As your house plans this aspect, remember to keep it simple for our younger students and provide more details for our older students.

  • Provide a small snack

  • Have a hands-on activity that helps students experience what it was like to live during this time. When the body is moving, the mind is grooving! 


You can see photos from past events on Facebook to get a feel for what to expect. Every History Day has it's own theme so every experience is unique!

If you have questions, you can always ask me, your mentor or another CCA family!