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Students Taking Exams


Testing has gotten a bad rap in recent years. We believe that's because it has been used for unintended purposes. At Classical Christian Academy, we utilize three different kinds of tests. Each is intentional and provides us with different, important information.

1. Placement Testing

Each new student is tested before attending class at CCA. This information is used to place students in the appropriate math and language arts classes. All students take these courses at the same time each day. This enables each student to study the material best suited to their unique learning situation.

2. Course Evaluations

Throughout the year, students are regularaly tested in their work. Student grades aren't shared with classmates, compared, or posted in a room. Competition doesn't have a place in our classrooms. We expect students to do their personal, best work. These evaluations help the student, parent and teacher evaluate areas that need additional instruction, as well as areas of mastery.

3. Annual Testing

Once a year, usually in the spring, students in 3rd-10th grade take a standardized test. This is a nationally recognized exam. This is never used as a pass/fail test. CCA uses the scores to evaluate the success of our programs and teaching in comparison to other students in the country. It helps us recognize strengths and weaknesses in our curriculum so we can make adjustments if necessary. Students in 10th and 11th grades take the PSAT test in preparation for college. Before graduating, students take either the SAT or the ACT or both. 

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