I hope you’re feeling welcomed and included in our Maverick community. With your homeschool days, maybe you’re feeling like CCA is just as much for you as it is for your student. That’s a good thing! God called YOU to raise up your children. We’re just coming alongside you as you get to be involved in your child’s education and this important aspect of his/her life.

One of the best ways to be involved at CCA is to serve on campus. In addition to helping our teachers and administrators, you’ll get a chance to meet your student’s friends and see how the school day flows. These days also give you the opportunity to see how your teacher introduces different subjects. So, if there is a specific subject you’d like to see, let an administrator know and we’ll make sure you get a chance to sit in that class. (You’re always welcome to sit in on a class. You don’t have to wait for a Parent Partner day!)

Here are some important notes:

Parent partner days are required for all CCA parents. New families in our Hybrid Program serve 4 parent partner days. Each family signs up for one day a quarter to come in and volunteer on campus. Only one parent needs to serve at a time.

- Families with only a student in KinderPrep do not need to serve a Parent Partner Day.

- Families with a student on campus for only a half-day will serve on campus the same hours the student(s) is on campus.

You probably saw the sign up over the summer. If you found CCA late in the summer, you might have missed it. Don’t worry, days were assigned to you! We’ll send out a reminder via Jupiter and Facebook when it’s time to sign up for days in the second semester. The link is on our Website if you need it or would like to double check the dates you chose. You can find it under Campus Life / Calendars: The earlier you sign up, the better selection of days you’ll have that work with your schedule.

You’ll be doing a range of helpful tasks. You could be grading papers, making copies, monitoring recess, and/or acting as a second pair of eyes in a science lab. You’ll likely get all of your steps in and will be going up and down the stairs several times each day. My advice is to wear comfortable shoes! We don’t ask parents to dress in any particular clothes, but please keep modesty in mind.

Most days we have two Parent Partners on campus, but sometimes we have three. We try to put you in the area of the school where you have students so you can see each other throughout the day. But, it really depends on who signed up for each day.

Please arrive at 8:15 a.m. You’ll first get your temperature checked at the door. (It would be a good idea to do that at home, first.) Then you’ll check-in at the front desk. You’ll usually find Mrs. Laura Lott or Mrs. Amanda White there to greet you. (They go by Ms. Laura and Mrs. White I don’t know why one is Ms. and one is Mrs. – they’re both married; I don’t know why one uses her first name and one uses her last… another CCA kooky thing!) They’ll scan your ID, get you a sticker name tag, and loan you out a walkie talkie and a clipboard. That clipboard will have everything you need: your schedule for the day, emergency plans, a list of all the staff, a list of the students by grade, etc.

You’ll have time in your schedule to grab a bite (and rest your feet)! But, remember to either pack yourself a lunch, or pre-order a lunch if you’re serving on Wednesday. We don’t have a cafeteria.

If you need to change your parent partner day or have questions, please contact our Family Engagement Coordinator, Melissa Hemmer, at

These days are busy and full. I encourage you to look for the sweetness of our unique environment. We have wonderful students and teachers at CCA. I hope you’ll walk away reassured that your student is in the right place here!