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3 Steps to Transition Your Child Back to a School Schedule

Back to school

Heading back to school after a long, restful summer break can be a tough transition for both students and parents alike. Whether you are apart of our Hybrid or Connections program, these three steps will make your first day back at school a successful one!

  1. Adjust your night routine. During the summer, routines and bed times can get a little lax. And why not? However as the first day of school draws near, a simple way to get your kids back on a school schedule is to readjust your morning and night routines. Get into bed a little earlier. Get up a little earlier. Have a few simple tasks for them to complete during the day. Have kids complete a few evening chores such as picking up their toys or taking pets for a walk outside. When routines are consistent, the first day of school is less of a stark transition.

  2. Read every day. Even though daily reading is something that children should be doing year-round, summer camps and trips can disrupt that consistent practice. Get back into the swing of reading with a trip to the library. Starting with familiar books can help warm up those reading muscles then slowly transition to books at or above their reading level.

  3. Talk it out. Heading back to school can be a source of anxiety for some children. Moving to a different town, different grade or a different school can bring a need for reassurance and reaffirmation. Be sure to take some time to talk about what going back to school will look like for your family and most importantly, take time to listen to your kiddos about what may be giving them a little worry. 1 Peter 5:7 reminds us to, “Cast your cares on the Lord, for He cares for you.”

Going back to school doesn’t have to be a source of stress. A little planning and a few small changes and be the springboard to a victorious year!  Above all, remember that the teachers and staff members at CCA are here to help you. If there you need prayer, a listening ear or practical advice, we are here for you!

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