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CCA Holds First Powder Puff Game During Spirit Week

30-April-2016– North Fort Myers, Fla. — Spirit Week always brings fun with themed dress-up days and the annual Spring Formal for Upper School at Classical Christian Academy. However, this year, a new event was added to the festivity: Powder Puff football!


“Powder Puff is a fun game of (flag) football that is played by the girls while the boys cheer,” explained Maggie E., captain of the Gold Team. As a CCA Student Council representative, she has been trying to organize this event for two years and was glad to finally see it happen. “Powder puff is a great way to show school spirit!”


The week of April 11-15 started off with Outer Space Day. Students (and some staff) dressed as the sun, moon, aliens, etc. Then on Wednesday, CCA celebrated Holiday Day. Maggie dressed in a holiday mash-up, combining Fourth of July, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Halloween and Easter. Eleventh-grader Josh P. went all-out Independence Day with American flag attire, while Naomi I. wore a giant Valentine on her chest.

Friday was Maverick Pride day, culminating with the school’s first Powder Puff game. The festive week ended with a James Bond-themed Spring Formal at Calvary Chapel Cape Coral.


During the Powder Puff game, Upper School boys wielded pom-poms, while the girls passed the football for touchdowns.

“I enjoyed the competition,” said player Jusolyn F. “I also enjoyed watching the boys do cheerleading. I was entertained.”

Cheerleader Levi I. dazzled the crowd with cartwheels while CCA’s fifth-grade cheerleaders (the real ones) helped the boys form a pyramid at halftime. Back in the game, the Gold Team outscored Navy, but it was all in good humor.


“It was fun and exciting to be out there with the whole school watching as the players went out and did the best they could,” said Mr. Rich Rowe, who coach Team Navy. “I was really impressed with the athleticism and the enthusiasm of the girls who played. There were several who came out of their comfort zones to play, which was surprising to me.”

With only two practices, the girls’ efforts were admirable, Mr. Rowe added.

“If we would’ve had more practices, they would’ve been better prepared,” he said. “I think we learned and will make it a much better event next year.”

Students laughed at the antics of the cheerleaders and heartily cheered on both teams. Everyone agreed CCA should continue with an annual Powder Puff football game during Spirit Week.

“I think everyone had fun,” said Emily D., Student Council president.

Written by CCA student journalists Bailey S. and Savannah R. Photos by Casey D.

About Classical Christian Academy:

Classical Christian Academy is the premier hybrid school in Southwest Florida. CCA offers families an academically rigorous and Christ-centered K-12 education option that blends the best aspects of private and home schooling. Classical Christian Academy is a registered 501c(3) organization. For more information, visit and like CCA on


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