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Understanding CCA and the McKay & Step-Up Scholarships

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Classical Christian Academy is an independent school and does not receive any government funding. However, CCA helps parents afford private, Christian education through its own scholarship program. CCA awards an average of $1,000 per student to families that apply for our scholarship program.

The State of Florida offers financial assistance for families choosing private education for their student(s). The two most common scholarships are the McKay Scholarship Program and Step Up for Students, which also includes the Hope Scholarship and the Gardiner Scholarship.

Classical Christian Academy is ineligible to participate in the state scholarship programs. However, when a CCA scholarship is applied to the school’s low tuition rates, the out-of-pocket costs are often similar.

“Our families found they pay about the same or less than what they paid for other private schools with the state scholarship options,” explained Amy Davis, CCA Principal.

The following comparison uses average and projected amounts. It is not considered a binding agreement in any way. If you are considering a CCA education for your child, please reach out to our admissions team to learn how to apply for a CCA scholarship.


CCA CCA High School Tuition: $6,000 Typical CCA Scholarship: $1,000 CCA TOTAL: $5,000

OTHER SCHOOLS* Average Fort Myers Private School Tuition: $11,403 Average State Scholarship: $6,376 Average Total: $5,027



Both the Step Up and McKay scholarships require private schools to offer “170 actual school days.” CCA is ineligible because the state doesn’t count a student’s time schooling with their parent as eligibility for the scholarship. With its hybrid program, CCA shares schooling responsibilities with parents.


Even if Classical Christian Academy could accept these scholarships, there are reasons why it wouldn’t. First and foremost, schools that accept government funding - even through scholarships to parents - can be subjected to government-sanctioned curriculum and admittance requirements.

"CCA leaders have concerns that our Christian, classical approach could be compromised if we were forced to accept standards that don’t align with our beliefs," explained Davis.

In addition, CCA seeks to partner with parents in educating students. In its requirements for schools, the McKay Scholarship Program states private schools must, “Be academically accountable to the parent for meeting the educational needs of the student…” This accountability takes away the heart of partnership CCA aims to create with its families.

Classical Christian Academy strives to remain an affordable option for families. If you're considering CCA for your student, please reach out to our admissions team for more information about our scholarship program.

*Where we got our information:

The Average Fort Myers Private School Tuition was calculated using the published 2020-2021 high school tuition rates for the following schools:

Bischop Verot: $12,500

De LaSalle: $16,905

Evangelical Christian School: $12,410

Hope Christian: $3,800

Southwest Florida Christian Academy, Sonshine Academy and Living Word Christian School did not have readily available tuition information on their websites. Canterbury School: $26,900 was not included in this average because it is also an independent school.

The Average State Scholarship amount was averaged after researching the funding available per student. The award amounts are based on each student’s needs, so students may receive more or less. McKay: $5,103, Step Up: $6,775 to $7,250.

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