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CCA Welcomes 100th Student

NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla., Sept. 26, 2014 – This week, Classical Christian Academy (CCA) enrolled the 100th student in its Hybrid program. Students in this program attend classes three days a week and use teacher-prepared lesson plans at home the other two days. The milestone marks an upward growth trend CCA has experienced the last several years.

“We’re excited to provide an education solution that appeals to so many families,” declared Mrs. Amy Davis, principal and founder. “We’ve always attracted homeschool families looking for a little extra educational support. Now, we’re finding our growth is equally balanced between families coming to us from homeschool, private and public school backgrounds.”

The year-to-year growth rate was 20% from last year. If this trend continues – or increases at an even faster rate, as it has the last two years – CCA will meet its capacity within the next four years. CCA keeps its class sizes intentionally small: Lower School classes have a maximum of 12 students and Upper School classes have a maximum of 16 students.

“We’re seeing the majority of our population growth with our older students,” stated Mrs. Christi Cecil, Upper School assistant principal. “With a little larger class size, and more flexibility in course options, we’re able to accommodate more Upper School students.”

CCA also offers its Connections program. There are currently more than 30 students enrolled in Connections. Students in this program may exclusively homeschool, or they may supplement their homeschool education by attending select classes on campus. In addition, Connections students may participate in electives, and CCA’s sports and arts programs.

“Our Connections families have a lot of different reasons for choosing to homeschool, but they all value education and recognize it can be difficult to do alone,” mentioned Mrs. Kelly Driskell, Connections administrator. “We partner with our families to enhance and support what they’re already working hard to accomplish at home. We offer them help with subjects they struggle to teach, social opportunities for their students, as well as services like the help of our guidance counselor for students preparing for college. These aspects are attractive to a lot of people and are helping grow the Connections program as well.”

Enrollment is open for the current school year through January 2015. Enrollment for 2015-2016 will open in March. Current families are given a chance to reenroll before any available spots are open to new families.

“Our overall enrollment growth speaks to the heart of our students’ parents,” added Mrs. Joan Campbell, Lower School assistant principal. “Our parents want learning to be the focus, not tests. They value spiritual growth over grades. They want to know what the curriculum is teaching and that the methods used for teaching have proven to be successful. CCA’s priorities match what parents want. We’re excited to offer an education option unlike others in our area.”

About Classical Christian Academy: Classical Christian Academy is the premier hybrid school in Southwest Florida. CCA offers families an academically rigorous and Christ-centered K-12 education option that blends the best aspects of private and home schooling. Classical Christian Academy is a registered 501c(3) organization. For more information, visit and like CCA on


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