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Classical Christian Academy Makes Its Radio Debut

NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla., December 8, 2014 – What started as an advertising opportunity became a lesson in marketing and rhetoric when two Classical Christian Academy students recorded the school’s first radio spot on local Christian station, WAY FM.

The classical education model focuses on rhetoric; the art of speaking and writing formally and effectively. While rhetoric emphasizes persuasive communication, CCA tries to give students of all ages opportunities to practice their public-speaking skills.

The CCA radio spots will run on WAY FM (Fort Myers 100.5 and Naples 89.5) during the following time slots:

  1. Tuesday, Dec. 9, during the 8 a.m. hour

  2. Wednesday, Dec. 10, during the 4 p.m. hour

  3. Tuesday, Dec. 16, during the 2 p.m. hour

  4. Wednesday, Dec. 17, during the 2 p.m. hour

  5. Thursday, Dec. 18 during the 2 p.m. hour

The spots feature two CCA Upper School sophomore students: Emily Dillehay, Student Council President, and Joshua Pringle.

About Classical Christian Academy:

Classical Christian Academy is the premier hybrid school in Southwest Florida. CCA offers families an academically rigorous and Christ-centered K-12 education option that blends the best aspects of private and home schooling. Classical Christian Academy is a registered 501c(3) organization. For more information, visit and like CCA on


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