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Connections Program

What exactly is the Connections Program at CCA? This wonderful program provides homeschool families support for their child’s home education under the covering of an accredited private school. What this means for homeschool families is that they will no longer need to be accountable to the local school district for their yearly evaluation, but instead they will have the support of CCA to help oversee and provide accountability for their educational journey.

Aside from accountability and support, there are many additional benefits to being a part of the Connections Program at CCA. Many families find that the Connections Program’s enrichment elective classes offered on campus at CCA prove to be an excellent addition to their child’s education. Enrichment electives include classes such as music, art, cooking, crafts, science, and athletics and are offered on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at the end of the school day from 2:30-3:30 pm. Along with enrichment electives, Connections students also have the option to take up to two core classes on campus (Math, Science, English, History), as well as other classes offered on campus. Connections families are invited to attend every event CCA offers and join the school on field trips and community events. They are also encouraged to take part in CCA’s annual History Day, which is a highlight of every school year.

Once a child reaches the middle to high school years, many homeschool families desire to have some additional help with guiding their child towards graduation. While enrolled in the Connections Program, these families have the comfort of knowing that CCA’s guidance counselor is available to help navigate graduation requirements, as well as set a plan for the student’s future. When a student has completed all of CCA’s graduation requirements, then he or she will receive an accredited High School Diploma from CCA. It’s quite amazing how fast graduation time will come!

Our Connections Program is so much more than accountability and support.  Once enrolled at CCA, you become part of a family.  The families at CCA, both Hybrid and Connections, truly aim to put the Lord in the center of their lives.  They believe in keeping the family strong, serving the community, and fully support home education.  The staff of CCA understand that educating your family is a journey.  As a whole, we feel the calling to come alongside families and help them wade through the waters of education to achieve success and spiritual growth.

Interested in learning more? Visit our Connections Page or contact Kelly Driskell at

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