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Family Experiences: The Gleason Family

The Gleason family joined CCA in the fall of 2019. Find out about one special moment that captured the heart of Mom, Jessica.

My daughter is in kindergarten at CCA. My first parent partner day (when we get to volunteer on campus) was very eye opening for me.

As a former teacher, I have been in quite a few schools through student teaching, trainings, and my time in the classroom, but I have never had the feeling that I walked away with after my first full day at CCA.

While supervising an indoor recess, I witnessed all of the children in a class playing together and including everyone. There was a point when a child walked off and several other students went to check on the child and encourage her to play with the group again. It was heartwarming seeing the love that the children had for each other. I also got my first-hand look at how the school was run and saw the kindness in all of the teachers and staff.

Overall, I went home feeling thrilled that my daughter is spending her days at school with the love of Jesus in the hearts of the people she is around. I couldn’t wait to go home and tell my husband how blessed we are, and how great CCA is!

Lots of private schools have parent volunteer requirements. This story happened on a volunteer day at CCA. How do Parent Partner Days at CCA benefit you?

The biggest benefit of the Parent Partner Days for me is that you get to know the teachers, children, and staff. You really start to feel like part of the school family!

Did you have concerns for your daughter when she started kindergarten here? How did they play out over the school year?

The only thing I was nervous about was how the homeschooling and classroom learning would work and mesh together. It all played out beautifully right from the start because my daughter’s teacher’s lesson plans are very clear and her communication is above and beyond what I could have imagined. Her teacher is always available to answer questions and be an encouragement.

Is there one thing about CCA you wish you had known before school started last year?

I felt very confident with the knowledge that I had before school starting, the communication from the school was very informative, however I was pleasantly surprised that they have bitty ball sports activities. Kaybrick just had her first soccer game with the K-2 bitty ball team and it’s fantastic having the opportunity to play a sport with her friends from school. It was also a blast cheering on the children because we know them through school as well.

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