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Family Experiences: The Olsen Family

The Olsen family tried public school, homeschool and public school again– then found CCA in 2019. With experience in three different school models, find out from mom, Rachel, what makes CCA special.

Our family tried public school for K and 1st grade, then homeschooled with help from CCA’s Connection’s program. When 5th grade came around, unexpected things were happening (Hurricane Irma was one of them) and God gave me peace to put our son back into public school. He tested high on the FSA’s and did well back in public school after a little adjusting. But, he was struggling through 6th grade; the kind of struggle that tugs on your heart as a parent, but seems to slide under an over-extended teacher’s radar. My son is social and wasn’t paying attention in class to learn the material or what he was supposed to do for his work. So, his grades were falling short of what I knew he was capable of accomplishing. I tried having a parent-teacher conference but, other than talking in class, his teachers weren’t able to tell where he was struggling or how I could help. Everything was on chrome books, and we struggled with navigating homework details and assignment content. I had been praying about moving him into a Christian environment, and we began looking for another option. While praying and thinking about it one night, God put CCA in my thoughts. I didn’t think too much of it at the time but after a few weeks it kept coming up in my mind. I loved the family atmosphere when I was here with the connections program. Because I have an infant at home, I wasn’t comfortable jumping back into full time homeschooling as I had done in previous years. We reached out to Classical Christian Academy to learn more about the Hybrid option and ultimately chose it for his 7th grade year. God worked miracles in opening the door for us to come here in such a few short weeks that I couldn’t deny where He was leading us for my son’s 7th grade year. I just had to trust him to work out the financial details…and He has! We were approved for a partial scholarship and unexpectedly had a family member give us the difference. God provided like only He could. My son and I both love that he gets to enjoy the social aspects of learning in a classroom Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I get the added benefit of having already-made lesson plans to follow during our home days on Tuesday and Thursday. As a mom, being able to see my son flourish this year compared to our struggles last year makes me so thankful that God opened the doors to bring our family here. I highly recommend CCA to any family who is looking for an alternative to the public school system. The teachers and staff at CCA have a passion for what they do and really get to know not only the kids who attend, but their entire family as well. The best part is having a school that centers everything they do around the Biblical principles found in Scripture. My son learns about Jesus in Bible class, but also sees God’s truth and design throughout all of his subjects. I take comfort in knowing that he’s surrounded by a community of families who love Jesus and are committed to raising their kids to know Him.

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