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CCA's first high school graduate enrolled her daughter in the inaugural Kinder-Prep class

CCA’s first ever high school graduate, Emily Johnson, enrolled her daughter in our inaugural Kinder-Prep class this year. We love knowing that she valued the results of her education so highly, that she chose our school for her family. Discover what she says about partnering with CCA as a student, and now as a parent.

Please tell us how you first became part of CCA's community.

My mom came home sharing that she found a school for my younger sister. After listening to the ins and outs of the school, I became very interested in it for myself. I was in a public high school. I knew that I wasn’t understanding my math and reading coursework, but the teachers set the classes up for us to get good grades: we had very little homework and we had group grades for some of the important tests. I was in all honors classes in public school and was making A’s so easily. However, I was not feeling challenged nor prepared for college or beyond that. Even though I knew it would be difficult, CCA had the ability to work with me one-on-one. I remember Mrs. Defrance sitting with just me, and helping me through math problems that I could not seem to workout on my own. All of that to say, the intimacy and the challenges that CCA offered lead me, as a junior at a huge public school with cousins, sister, and friend there, to transfer somewhere new and unknown to begin preparing for college and after.

As a graduate, what do you feel are some of the most important ways CCA prepared you for life after high school?

CCA helped prepare me in the sense of stepping up to classes that I feared, such as English and Math, and learning how to be prepared with skills and techniques to conquer them. In college, there were many classes I never thought I would have the ability and learning skills to master, or at least to attempt, and CCA helped build that courage in me. CCA also taught me how to succeed in college by their hybrid school system. I was able to tackle all of my classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and learned to prioritize and not procrastinate doing my homework on Tuesday and Thursday. That was a huge help as I played college soccer and worked on campus, so life was always busy, but I had the skills needed to focus on schooling and then having fun. CCA also showed me that if done correctly, students could grow to love learning.

What were you and your husband searching for in a school? What about CCA made you choose it as a school-home for your family?

One of the biggest check marks for us was a Christ centered school. I knew as soon as I had children that my end goal for their education was CCA. I remember what a blessing it was to be a part of the school, and I loved the small intimacy of it. I knew if my kids had difficulty in areas that they would be able to have more one on one time with a teacher and can work out those struggles compared to any other school.

What does your daughter think of CCA? How is the year going?

My daughter absolutely loves school. It is a constant flowing topic in our house and all that takes place during the day. As soon as we get home from school, she wants to pull out her homework folder and do it right then, not the next day. So, I would say the year is going very smoothly for us and has been a wonderful transition.

*CCA gives homework suggestions for KinderPrep students. It’s up to the parents to guage the interest and need for this type of work. It is not required at this age, but does provide a helpful, no-pressure introduction to Kindergarten expectations. So often, the work is fun and the children love showing their parents what they can do.

This is CCA's first year offering Kinder-Prep. How is the class meeting your expectations (both in what you were told to expect, and what you personally hoped for)?

Kinder-Prep has met my expectations and above. Ms. Jasper has been wonderful and has made a lasting impression on my daughter. I could not ask for a better teacher. Each day Sage has blown me away with her counting, logic in thinking and piecing thoughts together, her letter recognition, and even writing her name.

Do you see changes or growth in your daughter that you attribute to CCA?

Yes, I am seeing a huge growth in her education. Before the start of the school year, my daughter was getting frustrated when trying to recognize and write her ABC’s. On our early at-home days as a CCA student, she would sometimes huff and puff at the schoolwork and want to give up quickly. Just last Friday she was able to do 6 worksheets without a huff or puff and sticking through the whole thing without needing a mental break. I am sure that might change on and off, but so far, each day has just shown me progress and growth in her.

What would you tell people considering CCA for their student(s)?

Anytime I mention CCA to anyone I could just go on forever. But If I was to keep it short for them I would tell them it is a place of comfort where learning stretches you in difficult ways that no other place will, but helps you reach the success within those difficulties. It will set your kids up for college - and the years after – and prepare them with skills and learning techniques that will follow them through their life.

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