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Hands-On History: Classical Christian Academy Presents Shark Tank of Industrial Revolution

Classical Christian Academy middle schoolers transport history to ‘reality’ TV with production of ‘Shark Tank.’

12-May-2015 — North Fort Myers, Fla. — Instead of research papers or oral reports on inventions of the Industrial Revolution, seventh and eighth graders in Mrs. Shannon Schram’s American History class were recently assigned a project designed to develop their entrepreneurship and presentation skills. They were challenged with producing a television show patterned after CNBC’s “Shark Tank.”

Sarah R. shares her invention with judges Caleb C. and Sarah D. during a mock episode of “Shark Tank” at Classical Christian Academy on April 29, 2015.

The popular cable show features entrepreneurs who attempt to gain the “sharks” (judges) support of their businesses and inventions. Tying this in with American History, Mrs. Schram asked her students to portray famed inventors of the Industrial Revolution. She said her goal was to motivate her students to learn about business. She also strived to teach students about industrial times through this enjoyable, hands-on experience.

Each student was responsible to research one invention from the Industrial Revolution era. They also created brochures and commercials to advertise their innovations. Two students, Sarah D. and Caleb C., asked Mrs. Schram if they could participate in “Shark Tank” by being the judges. Mrs. Schram thought this was a brilliant idea and was impressed with the students’ leadership. Two other seventh graders, Austin M. and Connor P., also chose an alternate way to be involved with “Shark Tank” by controlling the lights, music and commercials, making the event feel much more like a real television show. On April 29, the remaining students presented their inventions to the “sharks,” in hopes of the judges investing in their products.

Seventh grader Thomas D. sports a lightbulb hat for a mock episode of “Shark Tank” at Classical Christian Academy on April 29, 2015.

Some of the inventions presented included the typewriter, contact lenses, gas masks, crayons and Thomas Edison’s lightbulb. Students agreed this project made learning history much more exciting.

This story written by CCA student journalists Hallie Mueller and Autumn Gates.

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