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New Accreditation for CCA

Classical Christian Academy is pleased to announce it recently received additional accreditation by the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA).

To secure its accreditation, Classical Christian Academy voluntarily participated in a multi-step review and recognition process. This review is conducted every five years. During site-visits and studies, the accrediting agency investigates every aspect of the school. They consider curriculum choices, teaching methods, safety protocols, record keeping, and a number of other factors when deciding if a school meets the standards to be accredited.

“Accreditation makes us better,” explained Amy Davis, CCA founder and principal. “It keeps us accountable, gives us a network of other schools we can go to for best practices, and ensures we meet or exceed Florida’s educational requirements and nationwide standards.”

CCA parents and students can take comfort knowing CCA is recognized by a national agency as meeting or exceeding their high standards of excellence.

Cindy Prechtel, CCA’s guidance counselor, said, “when students have accredited diplomas from accredited schools, they will likely endure less scrutiny during the college application process since higher-learning institutions understand accreditation means the quality of our program has been evaluated and proven – especially when the accreditation is from reputable, nationwide organizations.”

Enrolled students at CCA do graduate with an accredited diploma. Accreditation isn’t only important for college-bound students. There are some career paths such as fire, police and EMT that often require applicants to have an accredited diploma. It is always best to check with potential schools, academies, etc., to inquire about their requirements for entrance into their respective programs.

CCA is now accredited by three organizations. In addition to NCPSA, CCA is accredited by the Florida Coalition of Christian Private Schools and Cognia. FCCPSA is local to Florida and is a member of the nation-wide NCPSA organization. The third accreditation is from an independent, global organization, Cognia,

For more information about the history and structure of accreditation agencies in the United States, please read this document from NCPSA: Manual for the Recognition of Accrediting Association for Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Private Schools.


The FCCPSA grants accreditation to qualified K-12 Christian private schools issues Religious Exemption Accreditation for faith-based childcare facilities, and Gold Seal Accreditation for childcare centers. In addition, the FCCPSA publishes Administrator Manuals, provides training, resources, legislative updates, testing, and fellowship for educators throughout the state of Florida. Find out more at


The National Council for Private School Accreditation is dedicated to the accreditation process as a viable and responsible means of establishing a witness of school excellence. NCPSA is committed to accreditation based on the concept of voluntary peer recognition; that is, the principle that institutions sharing common purposes and distinctives are better able to assist one another in achieving the standards for academic excellence and responsiveness to their respective publics and the nation. Find out more at


Cognia offers accreditation and certification, assessment, professional learning, and improvement services to institutions and other education providers. The result of the merger of AdvancED and Measured Progress, Cognia was formed to bridge the gap between school evaluation and student assessment. A global nonprofit working in over 80 countries, Cognia’s network of 36,000 institutions serve and support nearly 25 million students and five million educators every day. Cognia serves as trusted partner in advancing learning for all. In 2020, the entities that came together to form Cognia mark 125 years of service to education. Find out more at


Classical Christian Academy is the premier hybrid school in Southwest Florida. CCA offers families an academically rigorous and Christ-centered K-12 education option that blends the best aspects of private and home schooling. Classical Christian Academy is a registered 501c (3) organization. For more information, visit and follow CCA on www.facebook/com/DiscoverCCA.

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