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Pillars to Pyramids – History Day 2015

On Friday, March 20, Classical Christian Academy hosted Pillars to Pyramids, this year’s History Day celebration. This annual event is one of the school’s largest events of the year and is anticipated by teachers, parents and students alike. 

Lower school students get to smell and taste spices in an Egyptian market.

Lower school students get to smell and taste spices in an Egyptian market.

The event’s theme is chosen from the history studies of the Lower School. Students in kindergarten through 5th grade study history in chronological order. This happens in a four-year cycle: Ancient History (the beginning of time through Jesus’ resurrection), Medieval Times (30 AD – 1456), Colonial America (1455-1707), and Modern History (1700 – modern times).


During Pillars to Pyramids, students in all grade levels progressed through booths that explored different aspects of the Greek and Egyptian cultures. Students learned about faith, home life, market experiences, school, and burial customs from the two historically significant cultures. 

Everyone gathered for student performances and a Greek feast of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, pitas, hummus and pastries, which was – authentically – served on the floor. Following lunch, the students participated in the type of Olympic games ancient Greeks might have experienced.


Visit CCA’s Facebook Album to see photos from the day. 


Here’s what a few of the visitors had to say:

“This was our second year attending History Day. Four days later, my kids are still reflecting on what they learned and are bringing up different experiences in our conversations. I love how CCA makes learning fun for my boys.” – Cindy Ward, CCA parent

“I loooooved the Greek Olympics! It was fun to do the rope swing over the kiddie pool.” Hannah Norman, fifth grade student

“I was amazed at the activities the students got to do and the learning that was happening. The teachers and parents in the booths gave lots of information connecting the Egyptian and Greek cultures with Christianity and how those cultures impacted the lives of the individuals today.” Penny Messerknecht, visiting grandparent

“I had a really good time. There was so much to do! At the Greek market Mrs. Schram showed us Greek money and then we got to design our own and we could either keep it or turn it in. I liked mine so I kept it.” Ethan Craddock, sixth grade student

“History Day gets bigger and better every year!” Debbie Briggs, CCA teacher’s aide and parent

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