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Ready To Launch?

I often tell my friends I have the best job at CCA! I get to partner with high school students and their parents as they navigate the high school years, explore possible careers, search for “the right” college or vocational program and take steps toward their next exciting journey. Did you know the average ratio of guidance counselor to students in our local public school system is 1:300? Of course, this means it’s virtually impossible for advisors to meet with each one of their students, let alone get to know them. Our school’s unique program and smaller class size allows for me to not only get to know each student’s goals but to guide them toward opportunities that will help them get closer to realizing their dreams.

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The quality of instruction, rigor and classical, Christian approach to education students receive at CCA well-prepare them to be successful at whatever university or other path of higher learning they choose to pursue. Since we know each student is receiving such a strong foundation, we can begin to work on customizing a program based on their individual college/career goals. Students are able to take advantage of our schedule to continue or expand extracurricular activities, explore interests through volunteering and internships, and pursue earning college credits while in high school via dual enrollment and/or CLEP.

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Class of 2018

Parents often ask me how best to prepare their high school student for college. While my advice includes things like course choice and rigor, SAT/ACT test taking, community service, and developing their extracurricular interests, my best advice is this: begin now to help your teen learn to self-advocate with their teachers. Encourage them to “own” their education by slowly putting more responsibility for their education on their shoulders. I am always happy to speak with parents, but students who are proactive and reach out to me with their questions often seem to make a smoother transition to college life.

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As a parent, you spend years preparing your child to be a successful adult, and the high school years are the final countdown to “launch”!  The reality of knowing your teen will soon leave the nest and step into the next part of the journey God has set before them is both exhilarating and terrifying. If you haven’t yet traveled this path with a student, the unknown can be especially daunting. I think that’s why I love my job so much – I have the unique privilege of partnering with parents and students so they don’t have to navigate the journey alone and can rest easier knowing someone is working to smooth the path ahead in preparation for a successful launch into college and beyond!

Regardless of what grade your student is in now, if you have questions or concerns about the high school years at CCA, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be very happy to share more information with you.

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