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Teacher Tuesday: Chris Jennings

To many students and parents at CCA, Mr. Jennings is a brand new teacher but actually he is a returning CCA teacher. Over ten years ago, Mr. Jennings taught Biology and Bible to our students. Before he started teaching, Mr. Jennings grew up in Virginia and feels like he never really left, despite having lived in Florida a majority of his life. “I’m not a typical Floridian. I’d rather hike than go to the beach,” he shares. Mr. Jennings first came to Florida to attend Flagler College in Saint Augustine, Florida. He studied Secondary Social Studies and teaching for the hearing impaired. His work with deaf interpretation sparked a deep passion in Mr. Jennings and it even led him to meet his wife, Donna Jennings, CCA’s second grade teacher. Mr. Jennings traveled from Saint Augustine to Fort Lauderdale for a family member’s wedding and attended church at Coral Ridge Presbyterian the same weekend. After learning the church had a hearing impaired ministry, Mr. Jennings went to see what it was like and Donna Jennings was there serving.


The Jennings Family: Donna, Christine, Josh and Chris

They have been married for 25 years and we are blessed to have them both on our staff. Not only has Mr. Jennings done extensive work with the hearing impaired (including teaching in the Lee County Public School system as a deaf interpreter), he is also a pastor. Mr. Jennings has been pastoring in Southwest Florida for over 20 years. His church, Calvary Chapel Cape Coral, offers Vacation Bible School during the summer and several of our CCA students attended recently! Today, Mr. Jennings teaches the science labs for Physical Science, General Science, Marine Science and Chemistry. “I get to do all the fun stuff!” He boasts.


Mr. Jennings and his students work together to record the changes during their experiment

Recently, Mr. Jennings conducted an experiment to educate his students on semi-permeable membranes. He dissolved an egg shell in vinegar, leaving the egg white and egg yolk intact! Students then put the egg in corn syrup and watched as the liquid passed through the semi-permeable membrane and into the syrup.


Mr. Jennings is an “eggcellent” teacher!

When Mr. Jennings isn’t teaching at CCA, he’s probably thumbing through his favorite book, The Power of Prayer by R.A. Torey or whipping up some buckwheat pancakes, a Virginian favorite. One of Mr. Jennings favorite places to go is Israel and is planning a trip back to the Holy Land in October.

Mr. Jennings has accomplished so much in his life and we are so happy to have him back at CCA!

About Classical Christian Academy:

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