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Teacher Tuesday: Mrs. Sarah Flower

Teacher Tuesday: Sarah Flower


The best teachers teach from the heart, not a textbook. Mrs. Sarah Flower is a shining example of a teacher who brings her whole heart in to her classroom each day. She has been leading and teaching our students at CCA for six years and our students have benefited greatly from her gift. Mrs. Flower has taught a few different grades in our Lower School but has taught our Kindergartners and First graders most recently. Each year Mrs. Flower creates a new theme for her classroom. One year her students were monkeys in a jungle, another year they were busy bees in a beehive and this year her students are loving being little monsters! They get excited to fill in the “eyes” of their mini monsters for good behavior. Mrs. Flower’s creativity flows through all aspects of her teaching. One of the books her students read is the popular, Caps For Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina. Mrs. Flower brought the book to life for her students by wearing stacks of caps on her head, just like the peddler in the book.


Mrs. Flower reading Caps For Sale

When she was a student, English and French were Mrs. Flower’s favorite subjects. Born in Tampa, Florida, Mrs. Flower met her husband Matt at Covenant College in Tennessee. They have been married for twenty two years and have three children, all whom attend CCA.

“We chose CCA because we wanted to be with our children more. We wanted to join with others who were like-minded. It was important that there was a Christlike atmosphere for our children that was taught through a Biblical worldview. I began teaching there a year after we joined CCA. My children and I cannot imagine attending anywhere else.”


Jusolyn, Macie and Sterling Flower

If she’s not teaching, you’ll find Mrs. Flower working on a special project or craft or perhaps watching a food or home style show on Netflix!

We are so grateful for all the joy and creativity Mrs. Flower brings to our team. It would not be the same without her!

About Classical Christian Academy:

Classical Christian Academy is the premier hybrid school in Southwest Florida. CCA offers families an academically rigorous and Christ-centered K-12 education option that blend the best aspects of private and homeschooling. Classical Christian Academy is a registered 501c(3) organization. For more information, visit and like CCA on

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