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Teacher Tuesday: Mrs. Shawna Christenson

Teacher Tuesday: Shawna Christenson

When you step into Mrs. Christenson’s class you will find her students reading The Chronicles of Narnia or possibly working on grammar. This year is Mrs. Shawna Christenson’s fourth year teaching Upper School English classes at CCA as well as Logic and our Grammar elective. Mrs. Christenson discovered CCA in a unique way.

cca hybrid

Mrs. Christenson loves her students!

“I learned about CCA from a stranger that I met at a vendor convention when I had a home business. I would later find out her name was Amy DeFrance. My daughter, Ella, was only one at the time, but I kept the name of the school in the back of mind.”

cca hybrid

Mrs. Christenson and her family

We are so grateful for Mrs. DeFrance being so enthusiastic about CCA because we can’t imagine our team not having Mrs. Christenson apart of it!

Before she was a teacher, Mrs. Christenson grew up in Fort Myers but also spent parts of her childhood in Tennessee, Pensacola and Wisconsin! While in school, English and History were her favorite subjects so it’s no surprise that Mrs. Christenson majored in both English Education and History when she attended college. Before she knew she wanted to be a teacher, Mrs. Christenson considered entering the medical field as a nurse but Chemistry scared her off! Nursing’s loss is our gain! Mrs. Christenson is a vital member of our CCA team and we couldn’t imagine life without her!

About Classical Christian Academy:

Classical Christian Academy is the premier hybrid school in Southwest Florida. CCA offers families an academically rigorous and Christ-centered K-12 education option that blend the best aspects of private and homeschooling. Classical Christian Academy is a registered 501c(3) organization. For more information, visit and like CCA on

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