Welcome to kindergarten at Classical Christian Academy!   This is an important year for your family and we would love to partner with you as your student begins their educational journey!

Students in our kindergarten program are in the Pre-Polly or beginning Grammar stage of learning. They are naturally excited to experience school and ready to tackle whatever they are given.  Our goal at CCA is to foster that curiosity and guide them as they discover more about God’s world.  Using songs, stories, and projects, we seek to engage students in all aspects of learning.  Our kindergarten teacher instructs our students with numerous multi-sensory and hands-on learning activities that are both memorable and fun. Along with traditional academics, our teacher actively works with students in this development stage as they build a foundation for future learning.    

Our tradition at Classical Christian Academy is rooted in partnership. A key facet of our success lies within our partnership with parents. On home days, you will not be left alone to educate your child. Rather, our teachers are available for questions and are eager to assist you in your home instruction. 

As you plan for the next step in your child’s education, please know that we are praying for you.  We know choosing a school that fits the needs of your family is not a decision that should be taken lightly. We are excited for each new family that chooses to partner with CCA for their educational journey.

We hope to hear from you soon,

In Christ,

Tabitha Dillehay



What you can expect from our Kinder-Prep and Kindergarten classes.



We are always invited into relationship with God, and we can do that by studying the Bible. We've chosen to do that through a children's Bible study called "Old Story New" and "New Story Short." This involves a scripture reading, short description and a few questions to ensure understanding.



Children naturally love routine and order. That's the essence of math! We've chosen Saxon math to help us teach concepts like time, calendar, shapes, counting, and number recognition.



In classical education, we explore language arts through five areas: letter recognition and sounds, handwriting, grammar, composition, and reading comprehension. At CCA, we've chosen the Fundations curriculum to teach letter recognition, phonics and handwriting. An extensive selection of classic stories introduce our students to grammar and allow us to explore different aspects of reading comprehension and composition.



Four, five and six year olds desperately seek to know their place in the world. So, we start by exploring our own family histories and local geography. We talk about map concepts while we draw our homes. Then, we begin to step outside that known world as we explore our community, city, state and eventually the whole country. At the end of kindergarten, students can sing songs to identify the order and location of every state in our great country.



God's creation is amazing! We spend these formative years exploring the world around us. We do lots of fun, hands-on experiments. This introduces our students to new words, ideas, and the scientific process of asking a question, creating a hypothesis, testing through experiment and recording our results.



We recognize the importance of rest and exercise in growing healthy bodies and minds. As such, all lower-school students get two recess breaks: one indoor and one outdoor. Our youngest learners in KinderPrep and Kindergarten also have a daily rest time. Some will sleep, some rest in a dimed room with soothing music. Throughout the day, students in these grades participate in electives that include music, art, physical education and American Sign Language.


A Note About Kinder-Prep

Our Kinder-Prep program is not part of Florida's Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) program. We are unable to accept payment vouchers to cover tuition at this time.


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