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The responsibility of parents to raise their children to love the Lord and walk in His truth is the calling of every parent. We believe Christian education is vital in this pursuit. To that end, we want to help make CCA affordable for parents. 

Do you accept the Florida Scholarships? 

There have been updates to the PEP Scholarship (Personalized Education Program) legislation that will take effect July 1, 2024.  These updates will allow Hybrid Private School students to apply for the PEP Scholarship, and if awarded, they can use these funds to be reimbursed for CCA tuition next year with additional funds for curriculum, field trips, supplies, and more. It's not yet known if this will apply to the EA families.  If you are seeking tuition assistance, you can apply for a CCA Opportunity Scholarship. Then, when PEP Scholarship applications open (or within 2 weeks of signing your Financial Agreement), families must apply for the PEP scholarship. Your scholarship amount will be awarded. However, if you receive the PEP Scholarship, you will no longer be eligible. You will be asked to submit a denial letter to continue receiving an Opportunity CCA scholarship.  To learn more and get on the waitlist:


What if I have not been awarded the PEP Scholarship?

If you have a letter stating you have not been awarded the PEP scholarship, you are eligible to apply for a CCA scholarship. This may happen as the state continues to expand the number of students in the program. Please upload your letter with your application. CCA has its own Opportunity Scholarship, which is funded by donations and a percentage of our operating budget. CCA awards scholarships based on the financial needs of our study body. Because the Flex program allows families to customize their CCA experience to meet their schedule and financial needs, Opportunity Scholarships are reserved for families with full-time students in our Hybrid Program.

What if I don't want to apply for the PEP Scholarship? 

You can submit an Opportunity Scholarship Application if you do not wish to participate in the PEP scholarship program. You must include your reason in your application, or your application will not be considered. Keep in mind that the PEP Scholarship is your tax dollars being given back to you to choose the school you would like your children to attend.  Therefore, it's important to explain your reason for not participating in the program. 

What if I can't pay my tuition and wait to be refunded by the PEP Scholarship? 

If you have been awarded the PEP Scholarship but are unable to make your monthly tuition payment, please reach out to the Business office to discuss your situation.

When do I apply? 

After you have completed your Financial Agreement for a full-time Hybrid student, you will be sent the link. If you are applying for an Opportunity Scholarship and the amount offered is not enough, you can end your enrollment at CCA, and your Financial Agreement will be voided. 

The application opens on March 5th and, unless there is an extenuating circumstance,  is due within two weeks of signing your Financial Agreement. 

What are the eligibility requirements?

Eligibility requirements:

  • Have students - new or returning - enrolled in Hybrid full-day K-12th grade at CCA. Enrollment must be complete.

  • Demonstrate a financial need and provide a copy of the last most recent 2 years of tax returns.

  • The family is current with all money owed to CCA.

  • Returning families will have Jupiter comments included in their application by the business office.

  • Denial letter from Step Up or AAA stating you have not been awarded the PEP Scholarship. 


What happens next? 

Applications are reviewed by the Scholarship Committee. The names will be removed from applications to share with the Committee. The Committee will review all applications, vote and prepare its recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval. 


When are scholarships announced and awarded?

Families will be notified of awarded scholarships as soon as the Board makes its final decision. This will be handled by Business Office. 


Things to Know About CCA’s Scholarship Program:

Our scholarships are funded by donations and a percentage of our operating budget. As such, available funds may vary from year-to-year. If you know of an individual or organization that may be interested in donating to CCA’s Scholarship Fund, please contact us at

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