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Explained for Returning Families

Continuous Enrollment: Welcome


The Continuous Enrollment Agreement at CCA simplifies the entire enrollment process. Families sign one time when they first enroll. Essentially, the agreement says that your student will have a spot at CCA until graduation or until the family notifies us in writing of a desire to change their enrollment status. 

For families, this means fewer deadlines, less paperwork, and no worry over racing to enroll for coveted space in a full classroom. For CCA, Continuous Enrollment allows us to better budget and forecast needs for the future and means less filing and tracking for our Business Office. It’s a win-win!

Even more important to us, is knowing that we have a commitment to partner together in the education of your student. A long-range plan is essential to the process of classical education, provides stability in our classrooms and helps us plan for the future.

Please Note: Re-enrollment via the Continuous Enrollment Agreement is financially binding. The obligation to pay tuition to CCA for each academic year shall become binding on March 1st. Please see important dates below.

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Our family is definitely staying at CCA!  What do we need to do to hold our spot?
The great news is-nothing! When you enrolled, you joined our Continuous Enrollment Program. That means you are already in for next school year, and we have your student’s spot held for them.

What are the tuition and fees for the upcoming school year?
Each year tuition and fees are posted on the school website in February. This information is posted on the tuition page of our website.

Is there a Tuition Deposit every year?
Yes. The Tuition Deposit lets CCA know you’re committed to attending for the following year. It is paid per family and is non-refundable.

What do I have to pay now?
On March 1st you will receive an email with a link to complete your Financial Agreement and pay the deposit. (That day, the link is added to the bottom of this page.) When you sign your Financial Agreement, you will also pay the $250 Tuition Deposit. This is due by March 31st. On April 1, the Tuition Deposit increases to $450, and a $30 late fee is charged.

We would like to stay at CCA, but are interested in changing programs. What do we do?

Many of our classes are full or nearly full. Please meet with the appropriate Assistant Principal if you desire a change for your student.


What if our family is unsure if we can return to CCA next year?
We know that situations can change. If you are unsure about attending CCA for the upcoming school year, please contact Jennifer Loerzel, our Admissions Director, (email: in writing by February 28th. At this point there are some important things to know:

  • Your student will not be automatically re-enrolled on March 1st and your student's spot is not guaranteed for the upcoming school year.  

  • You will be released from the financially-binding Continuous Enrollment contract. 

  • There are fees to re-enroll. (see below)

We opted-out of Continuous Enrollment, but would like to enroll for the upcoming school year. How do we re-enroll after March 1st?
Please contact Jennifer Loerzel, our Admissions Director, ( as soon as possible to let us know that you want to re-enroll. You will need to reapply as a new student with all of the same fees and steps.

We want to continue attending CCA but need financial assistance. What options are available to us?
CCA offers its own Opportunity Scholarship. This is funded by donations and by a percentage of our operating budget. As such, available funds may vary from year-to-year. Because the half-day option and the Flex Program allow families to customize their CCA experience to meet their schedule and financial needs, Opportunity Scholarships are reserved for families with students in our full-day Hybrid Program.

Returning families should apply for the Opportunity Scholarship by March 5th or 15th. If a family has applied for an Opportunity Scholarship and a sufficient scholarship amount is not awarded, written notice of termination from parent/guardian must be received in the Business Office on or before April 30th. 

If your financial situation changes, you may apply for an Opportunity Scholarship at any time. Applications are due by the 5th or 15th of each month.

Click here to learn more: 

What if I need more information about re-enrollment or financial matters?
We are happy to answer your questions anytime! Please contact the Business Manager ( 


We have had a change and need to leave CCA next year. What do we do? 

You need to notify Jennifer Loerzel ( in writing by February 28th of your intent to change schools for the upcoming year in order to un-enroll without financial penalties. Your student’s spot at CCA for the remainder of the year is secure. In addition, you accept the obligation to pay the tuition for the full academic year for which your student remains enrolled. 

If you notify us after February 28, you are obligated by the Continuous Enrollment Agreement that you signed when you first enrolled at CCA.

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These important dates remain consistent from year-to-year. 

• FEBRUARY 28: Deadline to notify CCA in writing of any changes for the upcoming school year. This includes: changing programs, moving to the half-day option, moving to the full-day option, not returning, or adding a new student. Simply email Jennifer Loerzel at to notify her of your change by the deadline. If your desired change is not available, your student will be added to the Wait Pool. Returning families will receive priority placement.

• MARCH 1: You will receive an email with a link to complete your Financial Agreement and pay the $250 Tuition Deposit.You should sign your new Financial Agreement and make the deposit no later than March 31st to avoid a late fee.

• MARCH 5 & 15: If interested, returning families should apply by midnight on March 5th or 15th for the Opportunity Scholarship. The 5th and 15th deadlines repeat each following month. Learn more at:

• MARCH 31: Tuition deposit of $250 is due.

• APRIL 1: If not paid by March 31st, the Tuition Deposit increases to $450, and a $30 late fee is charged. 

• APRIL 5 & 15: If interested, returning families should apply for the Opportunity Scholarship. Learn more at:

• APRIL 30: For returning families, if the Financial Agreement has not been completed and payment received, CCA will withdraw the student and parent/guardian is obligated to pay the tuition deposit, late fee, and any fees due will be subject to the collections Process.

If a family has applied for an Opportunity Scholarship and sufficient scholarship amount is not awarded, written notice of termination from parent/guardian must be received in the Business Office on or before April 30th. 

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The following link is for returning families to complete the Financial Agreement and pay the Tuition Deposit for 2023-2024.

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