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Classical Christian Academy’s Hybrid Program blends the best aspects of homeschool and private school models. Parents work together in partnership with in-class teachers. The teachers select the curriculum, make the lesson plans and provide support for parents as they teach at home. Hybrid parents have significant responsibility and accountability to ensure at-home work is completed and students comprehend what they’re learning on homeschool days. 




      - Before School Care Available

      - 8:30 am - 3:30 pm: 6th-12th

      - 9:00 am - 3:30 pm: PreK-5th



Our Hybrid Program is Christian, Proven, Social, Individual, Flexible, Involved, Affordable



We are a covenant community. Every family at CCA is involved in their church and professes belief in Jesus as their personal savior. This is different than every other school in our county. It does not mean we're perfect. But, our shared faith helps us make decisions based on the spiritual and philosophical congruity represented in our faith, our families and our educational choices.


We believe the most effective way to create both an academically challenging and Christ-centered school is through the method known as the classical approach to education. This approach systematically uses the natural development of the child's mind to introduce information, teach them to think through and critically examine information, and express themselves and their own unique ideas.

Classical schools were the norm until the industrial revolution in the early 1900s. The proven methods were used to train some of the greatest minds our world has ever known.

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Relationships are important, and our students enjoy participating during in-class discussions and playing with friends during breaks. We schedule recesses with multiple grades and have one lunch period so students can spend time with their favorite people no matter how old - or young - they are. 

Our students also enjoy building relationships with friends through various events and activities.  

Athletic teams 

Field Trips


History Day

House System

Quarterly Parent Meetings

Summer Family Fun Days

Upper School Socials

Community Service


Our Hybrid students benefit from intentionally small class sizes, and an individual approach to education. Students are placed in on-level math and English classes. This means each student is appropriatly challenged.  

Because of their time at home, students are able to spend extra time practicing skills, or can work quickly through areas they've already mastered. Students are also able to more deeply explore subjects of particular interest. 



CCA's Hybrid Program offers a great deal of flexibility for families. Parents and students determine how their Tuesday and Thursday homeschool days work.

The Hybrid program doesn't just offer time management, there is flexibility in perspective as well. We've seen success in every approach: from scheduled and planned, to laidback and casual. YOU get to decide what works best for your family.


Our tagline is "Discover what we can do together." We mean it! Our model allows us to create intentional and meaningful partnerships between teachers, parents and students. Please read our Partnership Agreement for an overview of the responsibilities and expectations for CCA families.



We strive to keep CCA affordable for families. Learn about our low tuition rates, as well as our discount and scholarship programs.

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