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CCA Senior Presents Capstone Project

CCA student Nina G. recently presented her Senior Capstone project to administrators and 11th graders. Working on this project helped her decide to major in videography/photography.

12-May-2016— North Fort Myers, Fla. –  Nina G., a graduating senior at Classical Christian Academy, recently presented a video she directed, filmed and edited as her Senior Capstone project. She credits the process with helping her decide what her future career might be.

Nina G. and her mentor Mrs. Schram.

Nina G. and her mentor Mrs. Schram.

“It was just good timing,” declared Nina, during her presentation to administrators, parents and students April 15.

She had always imagined her future focused on horses, but the Capstone Project shifted her ambitions. Nina discovered a true passion for videography.

At first, she wasn’t sure she wanted to complete a Senior Capstone Project. Her mother told her she either needed to do the Capstone or take honors classes; the Capstone sounded more fun, she said.

The idea to make a video came about when her friend, AJ, asked her to film him on his dirt bike for a Motocross promo video. They got footage of AJ riding at four different tracks: Florida Cycle Park, Orlando MX Track, Tampa MX Track and Davenport Freeride Track. Driving to and from these tracks added up to be around 600 miles.

The goal of the Senior Capstone requires a minimum of 15 hours, but Nina far exceeded this, logging a total of 63 hours on her project, including drive time.

The goal of the Senior Capstone Project is to integrate a student’s Biblical Worldview with an area of significant personal interest. The project requirements also include enlisting a mentor.  

Nina chose her Government/Economics teacher, Mrs. Shannon Schram, as her mentor. Nina and Mrs. Schram met frequently over the course of the school year, not only to talk about the project, but also about living life with a Christian worldview.  Mrs. Schram advised Nina that the project may help her decide her future, and she was right.

Upcoming seniors asked Nina for advice on the Capstone project, and she said to choose something you love to do because you will be spending a lot of time working on it.

When an administrator asked her how she was going to use this experience to share her worldview, Nina responded that she is making her next video from footage of her latest mission trip to Jamaica. Perhaps it will inspire others to do overseas missions.

Story written by CCA student journalist Maggie E.

About Classical Christian Academy:

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